Can Form Cure be placed near the printer?


I have it on the same table, but a few feet away, and with the Form Wash in between. Still I wonder if light might leak into the printer and shorten the life of my resin. I didn’t find any advice on this in all the setup instructions for the Form Cure. So I guess it is not a problem, or they would have mentioned it (?)


My Form Cure is near the printer and I’ve never had any problems. I’ve left resin in an installed tank for long periods (at times, much longer than Formlabs recommends).

I wouldn’t worry about it. The Orange Lid does a pretty decent job of filtering (and I’d hope the enclosure of the Cure itself must have some UV filtering).

If you’re paranoid you can always put the black lid on the tray (even when it’s installed - just remember to take it off before you start a print!)