Safety in Enclosed Area

Hi there
I have the Form3, Wash, Cure all within an enclosed air-conditioned office room without any external ventilation.
Is it safe to site my printer there and proceed with printing and the rest of the post-printing processes?
Considering that I will be working with liquid resin and IPA that is volatile.
Would it cause any respiratory complications?

Thank you

I am a new user, have the same questions. But after printing 5-6 times I have a basic opinion about it… The photo of the bearded guy soldering a speaker next to the machine is misleading…

After cleaning with IPA once, I immediately got a full automotive painter’s air filter mask (not paper), works great.

The smell from the Form3 even at idle, is very unpleasant to me (Draft Resin).
I am looking for a “container” for the Form3 and Form Wash.