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Safe to print at home?


Hey all,

My Form 2 is currently in storage as I don’t have a spare room to print in. I was thinking of setting it up in the bedroom for the time being to print, though my wife who has asthma and my 2 year old sometimes venture into the bedroom during the day. I’m pretty much in there most of the day. How safe do you think it is to print in the room the whole day? I seem to recall there was a bit of a smell when printing. I’d probably need to open the window and have a fan blowing out towards the window or something.

I’d definitely be doing the IPA bathing outside as that is really smelly. Any thoughts opinions or similar experiences?


I print at home with the Form 3. I have it in the garage as my wife would not tolerate it in the house.

I imagine if you build a fume hood for it, you might be able to bring it into the house. But the bedroom might be pushing it!


I used to have it in the spare room though it’s now my sons room. The noise isn’t a huge issue, just the smell. I cant remember though does the heated resin smell throughout the room?


Depends which resin you’re using. The Standard ones aren’t too bad. Some of the more exotic are more noticeable (e.g. Rigid has a strong “pine” scent to it while printing).

If you’re concerned about it and search the forums, a few people have created enclosures (or even one fabric cover) to isolate the smell a little, sometimes with a fan and filter exhaust.


Exactly, it depends on the resin type.

An enclosure with a fan piping the air out when operational would be a big help. Ultimately I imagine your family will tell you what works.

My wife doesn’t even like the printer in the garage, but she tolerates it.


It’s the standard grey and black resins. Yeah was thinking of some sort of enclosure to vent out the window. Shame you can’t buy them though will look at what other folks have done. Not even the garage rybu? I would have thought that’s the perfect place for it! :smiley:


The cardboard box the printer came in, a few feet of 4" dryer vent hose, and a 4" in-line duct fan (both of which you can find at a local Home Depot) is all you need.


Yeah thats a good idea, though the space I have for the printer is limited and doubt the box would fit. I think ideally it could even be a bin bag that velcros to a cardboard base the printer sits on with the vent hose and fan you mention.

Maybe a custom clear cover like this. just need to figure out a vent hose attachment.


This BOFA fume extractor might be of interest:


Janky as it sounds, the cardboard box idea has merit.

I run two printers in a closet with a door that has gaps at the top, bottom and sides. Not even close to airtight. I installed a HEPA-filter air purifier inside. When I print, I run the purifier on high and use a towel to block off the gap along the floor. It’s not perfect, but it helps substantially. Anecdotally I’d say it reduces what I can smell outside the closet by about 90%.

My partner always used to complain when I was printing, now she finds it quite tolerable. Also helped win her over to the machines once we found items she was interested in printing herself and taught her how to use the equipment.

Here are some more professional-looking examples of what others have done:


These are great setups! Though looking for a solution for minimal space. I have a zvat cover I can enclose it in. Would that trap the fumes? Otherwise might try to make a zip up clear vinyl enclosure cover with a venting hose attached and out the window as the printer will be next to the window. I got a makeshift aircon cover I made from a shower curtain to attach to the window via velcro I can use for the hose. If the vinyl cover company can make what I’m thinking this should work. I’ll see if I can post a diagram here


I suspect any of those will help, just make sure there’s a fan or something to create airflow and suck out the fumes, otherwise they’ll likely just permeate to the rest of the room with little benefit from the cover. Also keep in mind if the material making up the cover is too thin it may just suck in toward the printer unless you do some kind of wireframe to hold its shape. Experiment and let us know what you come up with!


ah yes good point. I’m looking intot he custom pvc cover, hopefully it has a good amount of thickness. I’ll update the thread if I can get a good solution going.


After destroying my lungs by not using masks when I should have, I now live by the saying, “If you can smell it, you are breathing it.” I would not even consider using any Form printer (especially a Form 3) in a closed space without proper ventilation.

I have many Form printers and the Form 2’s tend to put off less fumes because they use a contact heater instead of a blow dryer in the Form 3. Even with room ventilation (1,300 cfm in a 10x12 space), when people enter my printing shop room they almost always comment on the resin smell. I print with std materials like Grey and Clear, as well as Durable and Tough resins. The latter do tend to smell more but that is a relative and subjective assessment. For reference, I personally find Tough 2K and 1500 unbearable with no ventilation and using the Form 3’s.

If your wife already has breathing problems - be safe and ventilate or find another space.


microdev: yeah that’s what I’m worried about. My son sometimes comes into the room and this thing printing for 7 hours is daunting. I’m trying to think of the easiest venting solution as I really don’t have the time or space to be custom making anything fancy. I’m really surprised no one has brought out a commercial solution given the number of form printers sold.

What do people think about this? encasing the printer in a zip up clothing bag and placing the extractor tube at the top of the zip? The hole for the hanger would need to be closed up and there would need to be a sealed hole for the power lead.

Additionally can also insert a pvc pipe connector structure inside of this to prevent collapsed suction and retain space so the fume particles aren’t trapped.


Also saw this printer case. The small version is still on the big side, though will fit the form 2 well. The vent hose can be placed between the two zippers for the flap. The only issue is the top poles would need dismantling and cover pushed down to open the form 2 lid.


HI the resins smells bad in my opinion all of them. They take over your room if you are sensitive to smell they can give you a headache easy.

I made an enclosure now i can print with no smells at all love it. Not factory looking but cheap and effective.


Nice idea, simple and effective. If I had the space I would make one like this. I saw this great design by volpin props. Could probably be put away in the cupboard when not used still inside the enclosure. Not sure where the exhaust would go if one was added.


I agree with Kenyi, you need to vent the fumes. Any bag or box will simply leak. If you have a window nearby, you can make something like a home built paint booth, or use a commercial one like this:

Put the printer right in front of it, and vent to the great outdoors.


Mine is an IKEA

Base cabinet frame, white21x24x30 "
It’s mounted upside down all sides are sealed with silicone

AC Infinity CLOUDLINE S4, Quiet 4” Inline Duct Fan with Speed Controller.
Asin B07JB292JC

Weather Stripping for Door,Insulation Weatherproof Doors and Windows Soundproofing
Asin B076Z9591D

Stainless Steel Spring Loaded Toggle

Home depot
Dryer Easy Dock
Store SKU #130905

Home depot
4 in. Inline Vent Draft Blocker
SKU #1000052106

Home Depot
1.89 in. x 30 yd. Dryer Vent Installation Tape

Home Depot
Cabinet hinges

Home depot
Everbilt4 in. x 8 ft. Flexible Foil Duct

Tap plastics
21 X 30 acrylic

It took more time to get the parts than putting everything together.

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