Form 2 - Extracting fumes from a room

Hey there!

I just moved and I now have my Form2 set up on the desk beside my workstation and it works great! I love being so close to it now!
My only concern is with venting/extracting the odours that come out of the printing process. I’m not only talking about some of the stronger smelling resins such as flexible or clear but also IPA fumes from cleaning the prints.

I know this question has been asked loads on here but through my searching, I wasn’t able to answer my question specifically…

I realize Formlabs resins are all MSDS approved but I’d still like to get rid of the smells somehow - especially concerned about the IPA.
Does anyone have a solution for extracting/venting fumes from a small room?
I’ve been looking at getting a soldering fume extractor but not sure if a smoke extractor such as that would work.

As I don’t use the strong resins I can’t comment on that. But, I use the Form Wash maybe 10 times a day. The smell isn’t bad. Also I had an appointment with a pulmonary doctor (lungs). I mentioned the smell of the alcohol and he said it wouldn’t hurt me at all and I have serious heart issues to boot.

Right, thanks for that Walter but it’s not so much “it’s not too bad”. I just don’t really want to smell it at all if it can be helped. :slight_smile:

I actually just invested in the Form Wash but it sits about 5 feet from me and it still smells too much… :stuck_out_tongue:

Nobody? There must be a solution out there for taking care of fumes. I’d hate to have to move the printer somewhere else.

Well as I use 99.99% IPA it is not good for your health. You can damage your nose sensetivity really bad, have headache and dizziness from IPA, but you have to inhale it a lot, small doses I dont think they are bad, but dont bring IPA close to your nose (although it smells really nice :smiley: ). As for fumes from resin I have no idea but resin is sticky so I dont think his fumes are 100% safety. Compared to FMD printer Form 2 is really healthy but if you want to be sure 100% you can built DIY case for it with ventilation. Here is some links so apply same method to your printer.
google around, you can also put smale holse for intake air and some pipe duct to take ventilated air outdor.
I was thinking about this but I have now one spare room for IPA and workingplace is so big and ventilated that I can hold Form2 on near desk. But in some time I will change my workplace and I am thinking to make separete room for 3D printer and other printers with all ventilations and stuff.