Form 3 in non-ventilated areas?

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I am hoping to get a Form 3 in the next few months to print my miniatures. The only area of my house where I would able to keep the printer is in our laundry room, which is basically a big closet with little to no ventilation. Is this a bad idea? I read that the Form 3 has filters, I just don’t want to be breathing in resin fumes or have them flowing around in the house. I had an Anycubic Photon printer for about a week, we had to get rid of it because we couldn’t stand the smell. Would the Form 3 be the same way?

Where did you read about filters? As far as I know the exhaust is not filtered. Some users have said the Form 3 emits a stronger smell than the Form 2, mainly due to the addition of a heated chamber with a fan (whereas the older printer didn’t have any active circulation and just headed the tray using a PCB).

I keep my printers in a closet. I can smell it when I print, but closing the closet door helps. It’s not a repugnant smell, but it’s definitely quite noticeable.

IMO the alcohol fumes when you’re washing prints are more irritating than the resin, so if you’re worried about fumes you’ll want to plan to mitigate that (e.g. set up the wash station outside or in the garage?).

There have been a couple posts by people who built enclosures for their Form 2 printers (including air extraction through a filter). There are more examples if you search the forums.

enclosures are ok but a simple dust cover will work also. Formlabs imo should include a dust cover for the machines. I have an anycubic photon as well, I used a small magnet with a hook & hung a small charcoal filter bag inside of it, and used a dust-cover that I put over it while printing, this reduced fumes a very good amount.

-Dust covers are key, they mask the smell & extend the life of the machine by blocking dust.
-Cheap simple easy solution.
-And put an air purifier that is capable of VOC reduction in the room.
-After printing if resin smell is still residuial / you can use an Ozone machine afterwords which, cleans the air /
-maybe even use the ozone machine while printing. This will in concept null all smells before/ during/after.

–Another option would be to petition formlabs to create eco friendly resin or (low odor)…

I designed this filter that works perfectly in a closed environment. I have 5 of these installed in a room and there is absolutely no smell every time i open the door. Works great!


Nice! Instead of putting the filter on your nose, put the filter on the room.

Has pulling air through at a higher rate than a pair of lungs had any impact on the lifetime of the filter? How often are you replacing? Have you found the little respirator cartridges are less expensive than other bulk material designed for VOC’s?

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do you have any tutorials for a setup like this , how many machines are you running at once?

looks like an air intake filter with a fan behind it… where does the excess filtered air flow into? an outisde wall or /
filtered and disperessed into to the same room?

These filters has incredible lifetime actually, I replace them once two months. And they have a little indicator to tell you the remaining life time(only for 60621i cartridge). I haven’t looked into other bulk material for VOC. As far as I know, activated carbon is a good solution to VOC, But I can’t find any decent activated carbon sheet. I think these cartridges work just fine Thanks to the low price and easy maintenance.


I do not have a tutorial for it. I can share the 3d model and the type of fan and cartridge I am using. Yeah, its basically a 3m cartridge mounted on a turbine fan. The air is blowing to the side. And it is cycling the air inside the room.

I have 2 machines And 9 tanks, 15 cartridges in a room. In the beginning I had 2 of these filters running and it wasn’t enough since I could still smell the order when I open the door, though it wasn’t leaking any smell to the outside of the room. So I then added another two, Now it works like a charm.

that filter looks like a cool idea, but we only have 2 available power outlets in the laundry room so I don’t know if that will work for me. How does active carbon work? could you just leave little bowls of it around the room and it will magically remove the smell? Or do you need to rig something up so the smells pass through an exhaust fan with the carbon inside?

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this is why I think all machines should ship with a dust cover / odor cover.

–get two magnets, one on the outside of the acrylic case, one on the inside, the inside one should have a hook to
hang a small charcoal bag while clinging to the magnet on the outside, there are small charcoal bags all over,

Dust covers will not only save your machine from dust but also contain smell alot.

build details?

To get rid of the smell, I recommend install 1.5 of this unit per machine. There are 2 version of this setup: the 12v version and the 110v version. For the 12v version, you can install a speed controller in the circuit. Here is the BOM:

For the 110v version, you will need these:

For both of these version, you will also need a cartridge:
I recommend this, because its life time indicator gives you a good idea of when to replace them.

For those of you who also need a light bar, here is the link:!AqUpEbP6LKXigaVDbpVVKeZZRhENKA?e=0K9Tn5

Here is the cartridge mounting bracket, I recommend printing this out of durable resin, and cure it for 30 minutes in the form cure. I have went through 5 versions of this model, its pretty robust now. Though I am not sure how its gonna perform with standard resin. Please try to print it with a more compliant resin.

After curing it, glue the cartridge mount onto the fan’s intake hole. Put the cartridge on while gluing the mounting bracket so that you have an idea how do you want the cartridge to sit on it.

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the cartridge used here is supposed to be 60921i, it shows up as 60922 here for some reason.

You will also need the power cord for the 12v version, the power cord is for the 12v power supply. Note that the 110v version has lower output of air than the 12v for some reason, it might be less effective but is easier to setup than the 12v version.

it does need a fan to cycle the air through the cartridge to be effective. my setup only takes one power socket because all the fans are powered by the 12v power supply.

What kind of dust cover are you using? The only things big enough that I can find seem to be air conditioner covers. Would you be able to share what you are using, please?

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When I had the form 1+ , I was using one from zvat.

Then I got a photon later, and also needed one. I just google searched " Custom Dust covers"

simply take the measurements of your form (or any printer) and plug them into the site.
Total cost for a custom cover for any printer will be about 20-35$ depending on materials you choose.

Then on the inside for added measure, I use a magnet with a hook on my anycubic photon and hang a small bamboo charcoal bag, and place the cover over it. It to me, reduces smell noticably.

Also, use a Hepa style air filter that is capable of filtering VOC’s, and to remove the lingering resin smell after printing, I run an ozone machine, which nuertalizes the air and removes odor. (You can not be in the room while it runs) ,

both an air filter, and ozone machine, are both inexpensive options for odor control for any maker space.

–I also feel as tho, one could form a dust cover and line the inside with bamboo charcoal lining for added control…

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Thank you, sharp knife! I appreciate the information. I didn’t think to look for custom sized bags. That is all very helpful! Greatly appreciated! :+1:

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