Ventilation concerns

I’ve been running a Form3 w/ Rigid 4K resin i my home office on and off for about the past 2 years. Everything I read was that it was safe to breath. I was running a print last night and happened to turn on the monitor I use for our summer smoke season and both HCH0 and TVOCs were quite high. I ran a strong air filter in the room for an hour or so and then, this morning, opened the room to the outside air. The levels dropped when I aired out the room and seemed good up until I started a print. I stepped out for some lunch and came back to high HCH0, and TVOC readings as well as an AQI reading of 175 (the outdoor AQI was between 4 and 8)

I’m not positive but it seems the exhaust from running these machines is less benign than I was lead to believe. I plan to start writing down the values I’m getting before, during and after my prints when I need to run it at times I can’t open windows. Does anyone have more information on this? Any ventilation solutions?


3D printers (not only resin ones) should be kept in a well ventilated (intake and exhaust) room. You can add some air purifier to the mix.

We’re all different and some levels that can be semi-benign to some can be dangerous to others.

In the long run it’s never good so better safe than sorry.

Reminds me when I started I couldn’t stand IPA’s vapor. Now I like it which either makes me an addict or someone who got used to it.