Form 3 generating sheets of resin?

So I started a couple prints. And realized that they were sheets of hardened resin inside the tank. And at first it wasn’t sure if it was the bottom of the tank coming up or some thing that I forgot to remove from the tank before I started printing, but now it seems pretty obvious to me that it is cured resin. Anybody have any idea what this might be caused by?

If I had to guess, maybe the light from that window? The resin will cure with sunlight and maybe it’s possible enough UV light is making it’s way to the resin tank?

Really? I thought the cover was supposed to eliminate that?

We use UV cure glues where I work and we use protective goggles (basically the same orange material Formlabs uses in the cover) and these typically are bought to block the correct wavelength of the lamp/laser being used.
I assume the same is for the cover on the Form3 and it’s only blocking around the 405 nm wavelength of the laser, so some sunlight might be making it’s way though.
Easiest thing would be to keep the blinds closed or cover your printer and see if the issue persists.

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Thank you for the context. You got it, I’ll try that out!

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