Do LED's affect the resin?

I was thinking of adding LED strips along the bottom portion of the cover of my form 2 in order to light it up a little bit, would adding these LED’s affect the resin or anything else?

There’s a pretty reasonable chance that this will slowly cure the resin. A white LED for example emits intense blue light which produces the illusion of white light. Blue light is close to the UV spectrum and it’s reasonable to suspect that a good amount of the light emitted from a ‘white’ LED falls in the UV spectrum and can cure resin.

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Probably, depending on the LED.

Some suggestions: 1) shine a light from outside the cover into the printer. 2) mask the LEDs using a 405nm light-blocking amber acrylic. It’s the same as 1 in principle.

Adding red LED’s shouldn’t be a problem right? Wavelength is far off the 405nm and it matches nicely with the orange acrylic.

Unless there are traces of photo initiators active in the ~600nm region of course.

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To be safe, I’d just place lights on the outside of the cover if you want to do something like that.