Exposing resin to studio lighting?

I read that normal bulb light can cure the resin. Is this more a long term exposure gradual thing? I need to expose the resin to bulb light to maintain it and clean it etc.

Nearly every single light source emits some UV light (there are a few special UV-free bulbs for people with medical conditions available). The levels from most bulbs are very low, resulting in a very gradual, long term cure. I have left uncured support sitting on my bench for a few weeks under fluorescent light and they are still very much uncured.

You do not need to keep your printer in a dark room or anything. I just wouldn’t recommend leaving an uncovered tray of resin sitting on your desk all day. Slight UV exposure aside, the dust that settles in it wouldn’t be good.


Ah ok that explains why the resin has dried up on the work area. ok thats good. I always try to keep exposure level to a minimum when cleaning the resin . Even when swapping out the build platforms I keep the other in a box covered with dark cloth :smiley:

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