Can we cure uncured resin in formlabs Cure station?

if I fill a small mold with liquid/uncured resin (only 0.2 or 0.3mm thick) and put this in the formlabs Cure station. Would it cure? Or is the light not strong enough?

If this works I would want to experiment with the black resin. How long do you think it’ll need to be in the cure station?

The resin needs exposure to the light. In a mold that’s doubtful.

If the mold is clear, then yes. We cured some gunked up resin from a failed print tray in a plastic cup and it worked fine.

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Since 0.2 or 0.3mm is only 2 or 3 100-micron layers worth of resin thick, most Formlabs resins will probably cure pretty well that way. It should work even better if your mold is clear, but if you’re really making a part that thin, it shouldn’t matter too much. Some people have done a roughly similar thing, where they print in one color, and fill shallow impressions in the part with resin of a different color, and then cure that liquid resin with a Form Cure or other UV source. The effect is sort of like an inlay.

I’d suggest starting with the recommended post-curing temperature and time for black resin, and if that doesn’t seem to work, double the time. Because of the light-absorbing black pigment in it, Black resin does take more energy to cure than a lot of other resins.

Thanks guys! Will give it a try tomorrow :slight_smile: