Form Cure station - clear resin not curing on bottom? Does UV penetrate clear resin?

I am the proud owner of a used Form Cure station. My first batch of prints were done in the Formlabs Clear Resin.

I noticed after a 15 minute cure time, there was still a tacky feeling of uncured resin on parts that were touching the rotating plate. From this, I’m going to hazard a guess that the UV doesn’t penetrate through the Formlabs Clear Resin fully?

My process is as follows: Parts are washed in the Form Wash after printing for 20 minutes. They are immediately removed from the build plate and placed into the Cure station; I’m not removing the supports at that point. (That’s another question.) The area of uncured resin is typically on the raft that would have attached to the build plate, so perhaps received less attention from the laser.

I’ve been curing the Clear at 60 degrees C, 15 minutes. Would it weaken the parts to re-cure after flipping them? This also leads to another question - if a printed item has a hollow area, am I right in thinking that the UV might not penetrate to cure the inside surfaces, if not all of the liquid resin escaped through a hole?

Does UV penetrate past a surface depth on curing for non-clear resins?

Any insight would be appreciated. I’m hoping to make jewelry pieces, and I’m fearful that a hollow piece might ‘spring a leak’ and cause someone to have a reaction if it breaks and releases some uncured material.

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