Question About Quick Curing Castable Resin

I’m still waiting on my Form2 order but in the mean time I noticed that on the Formlabs documentation for UV curing it says some professional solutions can cure the pieces in minutes vs hours, does anyone know what specific professional curing solutions they’re referring to?

Sometimes I have orders that have to go out really quickly and the time it takes to cure in a Nail Oven can delay an order a whole day.

Wondering if anyone has had any luck with speeding up that process with either a professional solution or a DIY solution that brings the time down for jewelry like pieces under an hour.


I printed a batch of rings yesterday - well, started yesterday, but a 15 hour print. Add 30 mins cleaning them off, and 2 hours under a UV lamp isn’t a huge proportion of that (IMO, obviously). It’ll probably take another 2 hours to trim & clean all the supports from the models before they can go out for casting. Still, they’ve hardened well and there’s no surface tackiness which is pleasing.

I know it isn’t the longest part of the process but if there are faster ways to do things I think it makes sense to at least look into them and see if the time benefit justifies the cost.

Wish formlabs had indicated what their professional solution mentioned was.

NOTE: To achieve desired durability, prints made with Castable Resin should be post-cured for at least 120 minutes at a 45°C temperature under a 405 nm wavelength light source. Curing times vary with UV source. Small UV sources like home UV nail dryers (shown above) may take up to 8 hours to properly cure parts, while industrial UV curing ovens may take only a few minutes.

This is what I did dor now, I will build something more Professional if I got a chance…anyways,
I rinse a few secdonds in IPA shacking it, then rinse with clear water and then I use UV led strip around a jar filled with water, 5 minutes and I am done with it.
My parts are usuall 1 mm thick (dental Framework), maybe a littel longer for thick stuff.

Is that a bucket with LEDs attached to it with the LEDs themselves submerged in water? If you have a lot of prints how to do keep them from blocking each other.

actually the leds are on the outside, I don’t have a lot of prints but I did submerge 5 or 6 objects at once and it works good, anyways you let tehme a very short time to cure.
I have no problem casting the resin, but I use dental investment and CoCr alloy.

David, have you experienced any problem with the UV LEDs losing their brightness or effectiveness? On the reviews on Amazon, the bad reviews seem to revolve around that problem. Just curious if you have real-world thoughts?

Also, are you using Kerr investment by chance?

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