Models curing - Jewelry


I was wondering how you guys cure?
I use my Printer Form 2 for jewelry with the castable resin obviously.
Until now I’ve been curing with an older Nail Salon Curing box…

I was wondering If you have any suggestions for a decent curing box?
What do you think about the:

What do you guys use?


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If you are considering the B9 Model Cure, I urge you to take a look at Curebox. To be completely transparent, it is my new product. I designed it out of need after I purchased my own Form 2 that I use for my prototyping business. I’ve resisted announcing it here simply because I don’t want to come across as spamming the forum, but I think in this helpful context it is OK.


Do you ship to Belgium? =)

Additionally, there are some pretty neat do-it-yourself-solutions around here. Just try a search.

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I use 3 nail dryer units (combined total of 108 watts) in a modified bucket lined with mylar.

But I like this design, so I am going to order an Ikea cabinet and install them in that instead.

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Yes, we add countries as they are requested. Belgium should now be an option.

I’m probably going to invest in your Curebox, but what’s the average cure time for Castable? Using my little UV Spa, I think it’s a few hours, upwards of 10.

If people can happily discuss 3rd party resins on the forums I don’t see why you can’t discuss your own product. It’s all of use to forum members after all.

@pmcgarr I agree with @digitalDougie. As long as you are not obviously spamming the forums with your product, I don’t see a problem with you mentioning or even announcing your product here.

I mentioned in another thread just a few days ago the need for this!!! I’ll be showing it to my boss today :slight_smile:

My 2 cents as resin formulator:

  • Postcuring is absolutely needed for castable resins with high acrylate content (specially monomers) like Formlab one
  • Main problems are due to pattern expansion due to gas release during burnout before polymer decomposition
  • uncured surface will cause orange skin defect
  • Due to kind of photoinitiar(s) used to start free-radical polymerisation (mainly BAPO and TPO) best postcuring is not at 405nm
    but al lower frequency because they are more responsive and they are less filtered by dye or photoconverter, on other hand LED cost is much more than 405 ones
  • Oxygen inhibits polymerisation, if you put a pattern onto UV without shlieding it from oxygen, you will activate remaining photoinitiator but without curing skin and this is a big issue, fans they just ampilfy this problem, better to use deionized water
    or better paraffin oil (even if you must clean before to go on with cylinder)
  • Strong UV power at start is not a good idea, better is to ramp quite slowly from low power to max power in programmable way, you can expect crack and irregular warping of the model.
  • you can combine peroxide curing with uv curing to obtain a full cured model, simply submerge it into a solution of MEKP and put onto uv, but you must heat it in order to have a fast curing, otherway it takes days tu cure skin…

Other solution is to use castable resin that has no oxygen problem and no curing needed.

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@R041 Curebox conforms quite closely to the requirements identified by Formlabs in this paper Based on that paper the answer is 120min at 45C. That is the short answer. But there is a lot of debate among those using Castable as to what constitutes “fully cured”. This makes it hard to answer your question directly.

Curebox was designed form an engineering perspective. Because of that the focus was on quality and consistency, not speed. It is, by design, not a high intensity cure chamber so I would not expect a fast cure. I would expect a consistent one though. It is hard to have both. It all depends on what is more important to the end user.

That is a very long answer for a seemingly simple question. :slight_smile:

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Thanks for all your replies so far,
Nevertheless I still see myself facing the issue of not being totally sure which one to buy.
Especially since I received a message from @Liza (Formlabs) claiming that the use of Nail Salon Cure box is still the best one…

My options:

  1. B9 model cure SPECS: 390- 410nm UV LED, output power 65 W 600€
  2. B9 Denta cure (more for the dental industry): 405nm UV LED, output power 200 W 1800€
  3. Meccatronicore bb cure: 405nm UV LED, output power 360 W 1500€
  4. Wicked Curebox: 365-405nm UV LED, output power 36 W 600€

What I find hard to get my mind around is the different output specs they have.
Could you or a colleague maybe help me with what is ideal?

Especially regarding the output power and displayed LED power output.
@BlueCat, Wow: what an elaborate answer. I just want my resin to be cured optimal before sending it to my casting agent.


@digitalDougie @kevinduhe Thanks guys. I kind of agree, but will tread lightly. I am also a Form 2 user and would hate to get a bad reputation by promoting my product. I will happily answer questions as I am doing here. People are encouraged to contact me with questions either here or at I am proud of the product and very happy to talk about it. I hope it is of value to you guys as the community is solely why I decided to make it.

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Do not underestimate the effectiveness of the UVLED lamps that are used in the nail salon units. There is a reason these units are recommended. Curebox is based on these lamps, and it is not by accident. But, it is not just the lamps that matter. It is the entire chamber. Curebox has temperature control and precise time control that is temperature aware. Curebox has reflective panels to redistribute energy from the lamp for consistent coverage. Not just pretty metal panels, but ones manufactured from material designed to efficiently reflect the radiant energy in the chamber. There is a lot more to it, but the point is that there was a lot of thought and engineering in its design.

i use Salon Edge uvNail dryer 36 watt to dry my castable models. It works great although depending on the size of the models it can take 8 to 18 hours to cure. The 4 bulbs are marked 385nm …

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Short answer.

2x nail oven + piece of glass = $60


I’m also interested in the Curebox. Can you provide more details either here or on the website? Looking for chamber size, etc. Yours looks larger that the B9 but can’t tell.

Is it really back ordered into January? You may get swamped with requests after today - just sayin’ :smirk:

Are you sure the glass is transparent to the uv light?

It’s “ultra clear float” without iron inside, so yes, 96% trasmission from 360 to 405, we use as base for our vats for SLA, but you can also use PMMA.

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@pmcgarr Just a note on the self promotion thing.

User Time_Man / Zvat_Industries has promoted and even done a good amount of development with his aftermarket products on this forum. I can’t say definitively that his posts aren’t perceived as spam by anyone but no users seemed bothered enough to ever comment on his posts (or even silently flag them for that matter).

Just wanted to echo what has been said already. You’re not launching a sneaker brand here, your product is entirely relevant to the Formlabs forum. Feel free to post a topic to discuss any relevant personal products either released or in development to raise awareness or get feedback, just remember to be courteous about it. If the topic dies off don’t bump it back into view, let it die and move on, even a “meh” response is valuable market research that you shouldn’t deny yourself.

Besides, self promotion is at least more interesting than the weekly “Anyone want to buy my 3 year old F1+ for $4000?” posts. =]