B9 Cure Box, or another commercial UV Chamber?

I’m looking at the B9 Cure Box: http://www.b9c.com/shop/accessories/b9-model-cure-post-curing-3dprinting

I know it’s a little pricey for what it is, but I don’t mind spending some extra on a piece of equipment that works. I don’t like using a box with a UV Nail Salon on top of it, and I also don’t want to build a full new LED setup, considering I don’t have a lot of spare time.

This will be used to cureCastable specifically. Any thoughts on the B9, or another pre-built box I should use, maybe someone is selling a setup? :slight_smile:

I bought a cureBox that was posted on this forum. So far seems to work very well.

How long would you say it takes to cure Castable? I typically wait until it’s a darker blue under the UV. With my setup, that can take anywhere from 10-20 hours depending on the room temperature.

Curebox is set for 2 hours and has thermostat to keep it warner. but I usually run it 4 hours


Just received the curebox from wickedshell,

It arrived nicely packed with uv leds and cable protected in their own packaging.
The box is very nicely finished, Professional quality.
Works as promised.

I am thinking of the Curebox. David, can you tell me is the interior mirrored or have some sort of reflective surface? Hard to tell from their promotional picture. There’s no fan in the unit is there, for convection? thanks!

Inside is mirrored, also equipped with a fan on the top part.
Temp rise in a couple of minutes to 60°.

All the electronic and bulbs connectors are on the top part so wez can safely use it for water curing.

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sounds great. I had looked at this unit a week or so back… so hearing about your positive experience with it
is appreciative. Thanks very much.

the whole inside mirrored 4 walls floor and ceiling and the door very high reflective mirrors

Hello, would you be so kind and takes some photos? Thanks

It cost 500 Euro and work maybe a little better than a cheap 50 Euro DIY cure box. Unless you are a professional, or a business, i do not see why anyone will pay for that. It is for business.




Yes , it is a professional edition, when you doing serious business the time and the precision are most important things!!! By the way if you bought a printer around 4K euro this is not a big price for it.

I have to say, after a few days of use, it’s a damn good curebox.
the price is way Worth it…

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money is not the biggest problem. no space at home, that is a bigger problem. I builded two type of UV cure, i did not see difference. Hey i did not perform scientific tests, But just by touching and tearing/breaking it, it is just a little better, not enough to spend money and take up space. Someone have to buy it, perform scientific tests on the print with different cure box. Then i can even consider it.

@David_Maillot I just noticed this thread. Thanks for the positive post. I am thrilled that you are happy with your Curebox. Also, thanks for sharing pictures. The pictures on the website are of the prototype unit and I need to get them updated.

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You’re welcome,
Your cure box is a very good investment for me.


Thanks to these pictures, I’m trying to buy your box. Still need to convince management… :expressionless: