Curing Solution

I still see so many questions about curing boxes. I posted this earlier but it bears repeating. Go to Ebay and search “dry heat sterilizer” there are several but there is one for less than $100 that has heat and timer controls and fits anything you can print in a form 2 printer. Install a 365nm or 408nm bulb for less than $10 and you are all set. I have been using it for several months and it works great. Inexpensive and works fantastic.

My main concern is how to optimize my curing time for the Castable Resin, I need to be sure that it’s fully cured, and it seems like I have no idea when it’s fully cured. I have to wait 10 hours with my little Spa before I’m almost sure that it’s OK to burnout.

I see a lot of methods for curing, and they all sound fine for the rest of the resins, but I’d like a solid and proven method, with time scales.

B9 says their UV box only takes a few minutes to cure Castable:

But mostly everything else says it could take hours regardless of what you do. I just want some solid info and something proven. :sweat: