Curing Resin with UV Crosslinker?

Many of you out there have had success finishing off the curing process using a UV oven/lamp with great success (see: SUCCESS! UV Curing Prints with Sterilizing Cabinet). I’m wondering if anyone has tried using a UV crosslinker or has any input as to whether or not one would work such as the following:

Both products have the same wavelength bulbs (254nm ) however my concern is the operating energy of the crosslinker, which can be changed manually. Is there any chance it would destroy the part?

I will find out soon! Got one from ebay the other day but I haven’t got it yet.

Will let you know but I think it will work don’t see why not.


The 365nm model would probably work best. For $500 I think I will let someone else go first :slight_smile:

Got my one for £80 but not sure how much this things go for.

Ok, Got it and it does work great. It Cures the resin very quickly.

I have tried the UV sterilization oven which works okay but takes quite a while (20 minutes or so) to cure the resin. This lamp from ebay cures the resin in just a few minutes I believe the EBay lamp works better because it can shine the UV light directly onto the part but the oven relies on reflected UV light.

The one nice thing about the oven is that it has a timer so you can set it and forget it.

I have an old fluorescent black light that seems to do the trick, left a part in for about 15 min and wasn’t tacky.

I finally got around to trying it out, with limited success. I cured it for 15 minutes in the UV crosslinker and the part had yellowed and not fully cured on the surface. Perhaps I’ll try manually tuning the operating energy.