Tough, is tough (to cure)

We did our first prints with the Tough resin a week ago and are still having issues with the surface being very tacky after curing rinsing with Yellow Magic and a little with IPA(trying to avoid using it) , and curing in the sun and then in a UV cabinet. I even tried them in water. Does anyone have any other tricks to speed up the curing process?

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What is the UV wavelength of the lamps in your UV cabinet? The closer it is to 405nm the better.

The UV LED strips are rated at 395-405nm.

It sounds enough close to the wavelength you need, Can you estimate the power per surface?

Support once told me that during the curing process oxygen has to be removed from the resin surface. If so, maybe placing the model over a rotating stage or using a curing oven which is not airtight could help.

What’s the strength of your IPA? We recommend above 90% concentration.
Keep in mind that, in addition to wavelength, heat is important for an effective post-cure. Most, but not all, light sources output significant heat on their own.
Another suggestion would be to try post-curing while the part is submerged in water, using a clear container.

Support told me they use a 40watt UV light for 2 hours for the Tough Resin. I’m off to the pet store check out the reptile section.

Stephen, we are trying to avoid using IPA due to it being a hazardous material & we do not currently have appropriate ventilation in our wash area. Plus, we would need to deal with disposing of it.
We’re trying the Yellow Magic solution. I also found our ultrasonic tank which seems to work a little better, than just shaking and brushing the surface.
The UV LED strips definitely do not give off much heat, so that is another reason I want to try the 40watt bulb. I did try a part in water also, and it worked OK when I set it on the window sill, but unfortunately we don’t get a ton of sunny days where we are located. I’ll also try that method with the new bulb.

Hi Terry_Hritz

The reptile light works great.
I only use that to cure the castable resin and have had no issues with my castings.
I use 100watt light bold and that may be overkill but it works.

Let us know how it works out.

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