Great UV Curing Unit

I told you I would report when I received the dry heat UV sterilzer from Ebay for $99 with free shipping. It arrived today. I changed out the sterilization bulb with the 415nm T5 bulb from bulbs america and the unit works great. You set the Celsius temp, set the timer and close the door. It quickly rises to the set point and shuts off automatically when the timer runs down. I am going to print out the time and temp guides from Formlabs and apply them to the front of the unit so I know the proper settings for any prints. It is more than large enough to fit anything you can make in the Form2 printer.


Can you give us mor détails about this unit?what brand/model is it?



182172949860 is the Ebay item number. Just copy and paste this number into the Ebay search bar and it will open the item. They only have one model, comes from China so no brand name on it.


I have used it for three or four curing sessions thus far and it has worked extremely well. Very pleased thus far. How does part thickness or mass affect curing times? I have a part that is 1" thick. Will it cure in an hour as recommended by the FL white paper? If not how do I calculate cure time with mass or thickness as a variable? Is there a post cure test that can be done to determine whether curing is complete or not? I don’t mind sawing a test piece in half if I can test it for curing completion.

Which type of resin do you use and how long do you cure for?

How many T5’s are in it? What wattage?