Curing Castable resin using The form cure

Hi All,

Has anybody figured out the correct setting to cure castable resin using the form cure?
I use my form 2 for 3d printing jewellery parts, so curing has to be done well.
I’m tempted to revert back to my trusty UV nail dryer.
Not hugely impressed with the curing station as yet.

Any advice will be great



Castable Resin is the most needy material in terms of cure time. We’ve found 240 minutes at a temperature of 60C best for a full-cure of Castable Resin. This page has is a good reference for full-cure settings of each of our materials.

Hi Darren,

I have the same question as you!

I just received the form cure and I tried to cure the castable resin (for 4 hrs at 60°C). I didn’t found that the curing was so good. Prints remained a little bit sticky and not very hard.
Then, I put my prints back in an other UV light (254nm) for 1-2 hrs and they became really more cured and rigid. I’m almost sure that if I had casted the prints before the additional exposition, the casting would failed.

Is that possible that UV LED in the formcure is not well “calibrated”?

Is anyone have good experience with formcure and castable resin (V2)?



We used a Wegold S.Light Shuttle before switching to Form Cure. We bought the Form Cure since the Wegold-oven’s halogen lamps have a lifespan of only a few hours. The maximum cure time is 25min - so you have to restart the cure several times for Castable.

In short: The Form Cure seems to be less powerful then the Wegold.
Still: our curing results with the Form Cure are much better, since we can cure without interruption (which seems to be important). But 240min are not nearly enough, even for our very small prints. We have the best results with a cure time between 8-12 hours.

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thanks for your feedback. I’ll try to cure for 8hrs-12hrs in the formcure. But you are right, the formcure seems to be not as powerful as some other UV device (I don’t know about nail dryer because I use an other kind of UV lamp).

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