Minimize Adverse Curing

I am trying to maximize the lifetime of the available resin in the tank and minimize its exposure to curing wavelengths. However, that comes into the form of two questions.

Judging by the lifetime of the resin overtime it will naturally become unusable. Even when sealed inside the provided container for auto-refill. Is this process of aging agitated by exposure to air which is why resin in the tank is suitable for only a month? Or is it the expectation that even with the printer lid curing wavelengths will eventually propagate or opening the lid overtime exposes the tank resin to curing wavelengths which through regular operation ruins the resin within the tank.

I am asking because I am wondering if it might be doable to work in an environment with artificial lighting that is specifically chosen to avoid curing wavelengths. I believe that most commercial lighting will have a portion of the spectrum which affects the curing process, but perhaps a sort of led red light work environment for those wavelengths in 500-700 nm range would eliminate the portion which covers into curing wavelengths.

Or is this such a trivial effect compared to the natural aging of the resin due to say other natural processes?

Expiration of resin has to do with degradation of certain components over time and we recommend using resin within 1 year of purchase.

So long as the printer isn’t exposed to consistent direct sunlight, the orange cover will be adequate to block out reactive wavelengths. Infrequent exposure to light when opening the cover won’t cause issue and it shouldn’t be necessary to make a darkroom for your printer :slight_smile:

I use the resin to fill in seams when attaching parts so I’ve got a little dish of it on the table–the regular room lighting has done very little to the resin, it’s only slightly thicker than normal after days of exposure. You can keep the resin in the tank as long as you want, just make sure to stir it before printing again.

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