How long does uncured resin last in the tray?

If resin is left under the orange enclosure, how long will it remain useable?

Can someone please answer this question?  It’s pretty relevant being that each liter is ~$129.

In normal operation, there’s no need to drain the tank or take it out of the printer for storage.  The orange cover is very effective at blocking the UV light and the resin has been designed to have a good shelf life.  I top off the tank as I use up resin with prints, but any unused resin just stays in the tank for the next print.

I’m not sure that I’ve seen any specific numbers on how long you could leave it under the enclosure, but certainly multiple weeks, and probably several months.

One thing to keep in mind, of course, is that you probably shouldn’t open the orange cover up if the tank would be in full sunlight or some other strong UV light source.  At the very least, you’d want to close the cover ASAP to avoid unwanted curing.

That’s helpful Martin.    How would you handle a situation where you want to swap between resin types (from clear to gray) if there’s leftover clear in the tray?  Do you buy two trays and keep the other in a light-proof storage container?

I want to know as well. In case the resin is harden inside the tank, is it still possible to remove it? Thanks

If kept in contact with oxygen (i.e. not nitrogen blanketed) and in a cool dark place, 5+ years.

The resin trays in the Form 1 are removable and additional trays will be available in our store for purchase.

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Will there be some sort of storage case for trays?

Very late response, but our new trays will now be storable and stackable as they are now made from UV acrylic!

how to do tell the difference between the new and old ones? I ordered one after the new release, but it looks the same as my old one.

The new resin tanks will be available very soon! The online store will reflect their availability and they look like this:

So what is the answer to the subject question of 'How long does uncured resin last in the tray?"

All I see from tech support in this thread are sales pitches.

Hey JohnYaron,

The answer is, the resin in the tray lasts as long as the resin in the bottle, as long as you keep your tank somewhere dark away from any light. If you leave in the printer, in a room that has light, eventually it will degrade. If you cover your printer with a dark cloth, then it will last for a long time. It seems like the orange cover protects from UV, but not all the way. To test this I have left clear resin in the tank inside the printer for a month or so, and when I poured it into a cup, the resin had a strong yellow tint, unlike a fresh resin from the bottle. Hope this helps.

So once again … no quantitative answer… except for a ‘long time’. Never mind.

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That’s a cool new tank Jory. Is it possible to pile them each other ?

I see that the resin will last a certain amount of time in the acrylic tank but what about settling of resin? The new bottles of material state that they should be shaken before pouring into the resin tank. Doesn’t that suggest that resin in the tank should also be “mixed” after a long period of disuse?