Failed print due to not adding enough resin


I recently purchased a form 1 plus and ran a job that required a resin tank refill. Well I didn’t pour enough resin for the first half of the build, so paused the job and added more resin. The print failed due to me error and now I have a large clump of plastic stuck to the resin tank.

I have some questions regarding this situation.
A) Is the resin tank a total loss?
B) Is it possible to remove the resin cured to the tank without damage to all or part of the tank?
C) How long can I keep liquid resin in the tank while I troubleshoot this issue?

I am using black resin and printed at 25 and am amazed at the quality of what I did get. Using wax cleaning techniques (solvent and a fine cotton rag) I was able to get a finish that was damn near perfect.

Thanks Guys,

It’s quite likely your resin tank is still fine. You can learn how to remove cured resin from the silicone layer here. You can store your resin in the tank for a month. Be sure to put on the resin tank lid if you remove the tank from the Form 1+, and never pour resin back into the bottle.


You said “You can store your resin in the tank for a month”. What about longer than that? I’ve stored resin in the tank for 4 months and then was able to print with it by adding a small amount of fresh resin, mixing it well so that there is no pigment settled on the bottom. The prints came out perfect.

In my own experience, I’ve definitely had success storing resin for 4 months (and longer) using the same method as @Monger_Designs. We generally say at least one month in the resin tank, due to varying environmental and light conditions that different printers live in. With the release of the orange resin tanks + lids, this lifetime has generally gone up.

Oh ok. No my resin tank was not stored in the printer. It was in a plastic bag and in a cardboard box in a dark storage cabinet. :wink:

I do use a black cloth cover for the printer just in case the orange lid doesn’t stop all the UV light because I have lots of light in the room where the printer resides.

Thanks guys, back in the saddle, no damage to the tank, easily able to remove the fused resin. Incredible machine…