Resin sitting

How long can I keep the resin sitting in the Tank without using it, with the cover closed of course? Or whats the best way to get the resin back in the container, or is that not recommended?

Im assuming its fine left in the tank for maybe 1 week? with the cover closed.

Here’s a link to our support article on resin care. Resin can be stored in a tank or cartridge for up to a year. So long as the tank is covered or inside the printer, the resin will not cure. It’s good practice to stir up resin that’s been sitting for a while just to make sure nothing has settled.

We generally don’t recommend pouring resin back into the container. The bite valve which dispenses resin does wear over time and if it fails, it could result in an overflow.

very cool! thank you! I have it with the plastic lid on it, in the orange cover, with the cover closed. :wink:

Also, is there a measuring tool within preform?

If you use the scale tool, you’ll see the maximum X, Y, and Z dimensions. Most design programs will have tools for more specific measurements. I like to use Microsoft’s 3D Builder or Autodesk’s Netfabb.

My buddy just reminded me the scale tool was there. I am very hesitant to click on some of these buttons like Instant Print because they just GO, and dont give you a confirm :wink: Thanks!

Heres a new print. Trying him upside down to catch his arms infront. Otherwise the tubs are a mess on his body.

Looks great! A 45 degree angle might also work well. That would isolate most of the support structures to his back and might print a bit more easily.

Yeah I tried that but he has his hands clasped together on the front of his chest, so the supports were not hitting it. So that would have been an issue I am sure? Heres a shot of it. I had to edit the supports to hit his fingers because its a pretty big overhand for the supports not to hit right? So I had him at a 45 and it was not hitting those hands but if I did supports there it made a really horrible support from his chin to his chest, to his hand.

probably would be best to slice it up manually and add interlock mesh, that way you could print it with less support scarring as you can hide it on the inside edges

thank you for the responses!

Sparkwire: I have never cutup a model for print in zbrush. Do you have a workflow you like to follow? Also, I would think the most logical place to cut would be under the arms, then under his chest gear etc. When you go to combine them are you using superglue and cleaning up with greenstuff ? The cutting and fitting back together with no seams is really where I have some questions :wink:

You say to stir the resin before you print. But, the wiper pretty much does like 7 swipes through the resin as it warms up etc. Is that not good enough? Do I need to go in and stir up the resin with something that I can throw away then start the warm/swipe/print process?

I don’t have a Form 2 but I would treat any particle settling the same from the Form 1 and the Form 2. I assume the wiper only covers the printing area and a small area beyond it. The particles that separate out that are beyond the wiper area also need to be reintegrated into the resin. I would use the provided paint scraper to gently massage the PDMS layer to be sure all the pigment has been re-suspended into the resin. You will obviously not get all of it due to all the corners but get as much as you can.

When you are done, just wipe the paint scraper off and maybe give it a dip in IPA. That is all I do but that is with a Form 1.

I dont feel comfy using the scraper on the bottom of the plastic tank. I feel like I would scrape off the film. I know you said gently tho :wink:

I also worry about the fumes from the printer. There is definitely a smell when it prints and when it stops and you have to open it. I know when you touch it, its toxic, so I am sure breathing it in is not so hot either.

You should get comfortable massaging the PDMS layer with the scraper. Some here have gotten plastic versions of the scraper. Others have used an old credit card. It is a necessary evil of printing with a resin printer. You will not damage the PDMS layer as long as you are careful.

I don’t have a suggestion with the fumes. Yes the resin smells. Some more then others. Crack open a window if it gets too much. I would invest in bulk gloves. This way, your hands are protected. But, all of this is part of printing with resin.

Yeah, there’s no problem using the scraper on the PDMS, it’s not like a film, it’s got amount of thickness and as long as you don’t push the scraper into the corners or stab it into the PDMS it’ll be fine.

Thank you for all of the help and info! I scraped it yesterday and it was all good. :wink:

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