Student here.
Are there any resins that fluoresce green color in UV light?
I have tried both clear and high temperature resin till now.
I don’t want to open and try each of them just to know the fluorescent color. If anyone knows of a specific resin that fluoresces green color, that would be very helpful.

Thank you,

You would probably be better off just painting with a green UV paint.

If you want an eerie green glow from inside the model, I’d embed an LED to do it.

In my experience (black, grey, white, tough, tough 2000, flexible (old one) and durable, there is not much glow to them, clear a bit more. I would suggest you go with clear or white and add UV pigments. Type of pigments… no idea :slight_smile: I asume similar to the color kit that formlabs sells. And I imagine this will affect printing parameters, but no idea really.

The resins all fluoresce to some extent, based on my personal observations of prints under UV light for post-cure. But it’s not a lot.

While the resins do glow lightly (anyone who has looked into the curing station has seen that). However remember that glow is actually causing further curing, so you could overcure your part after a while even with low-power UV.