Custom Colored Resin

I am looking for advice on what resin company to use in order to get a successful print with the Form2 in a custom color. The part we need to print has to be PMS627 (Dark Green). Does anyone have a recommendation on what company could provide us with resin in this custom color?

Your best bet it to print in gray or white and paint the model. 3rd party resins are hit and miss. Then getting one in the exact color you need may prove to be nearly impossible.


There is currently another thread in experimental discussing the company 3Dresyns which appears to allow ordering of custom colored (as well as custom other properties) resins. I don’t think anyone has first hand experience yet however.

I agree with David R. though. Painting is definitely the best option unless you want to wait and gamble.

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For our application painting or any other kind of coating is out of the question. The parts will be used in an automotive environment so any paint would quickly chip off.

My ignorance may shine through here but…

For your final product, will you have the part manufacturer in Pantone Dark Green PMS 627? I gather it will be plastic. You guys couldn’t print 2? One for testing left in the resins natural color and the other painted to show the final part?

Unless you are trying to print your final part. Does it have to be opaque? I have been able to tint clear resin with fairly good results and others here have messed around with coloring resins. You would have to get the amounts of dye required and it will be a painful process. IMO.

Your request for successful prints in a very specific color is going to make this rather tough. I have considered trying out the company @Brandon_A is referring to but I do not believe anyone who posts up here has tried it out yet. It is worth calling them and ordering a sample.

If you need enough of it, maybe Formlabs would make a batch for you. It can’t hurt to ask. We all have asked for more color options in the past (well I have) maybe the first custom color available will be Dark Green. :slight_smile:

Another option:

FL Clear V3 with some MakerJuice pigment ( I think it would be easy to get a successful print, but might be challenging to get the exact dark green you are looking for.


Then you have another factor to consider, as well. The clear/white/grey resins, which are probably the only choices if you want to color the final product green, produce prints I’d describe as “easily frangible”. If your prints will subjected to forces sufficient to chip paint, the print beneath the paint may not fare well either.


If we could get the correct color resin we would be printed our final products. If not we will just stick to injection molding.
The parts will need to be opaque in order to hide our electronics inside. We are just looking at our options right now and if we could get the custom resin printing the parts would be the cheapest.

We’ve tried a few pigments and these work relatively well. We haven’t done much testing in regards to how much pigment is required but I’m told a little will go a very long way (I’m also told this can be a very messy endeavor). You should be able to do RGB mixing to emulate the green color you’re going for and the manufacturer might have better insight into which ratio you want of each.

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We can make any basic, special and custom color for any of our 3D resins upon request.
For time saving and user’s easiness we can also incorporate the color and fine tune our 3Dresyns to make them "Ready to Print " with the Form 1+ and Form 2.

Hey John I am looking for at composit, Resin with Alu or something close can you help me?

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