Pigments for colouring the UV resin?

has anyone tried to colourize the UV resin? I need a deep white and a slight milky - greenish colour on my prints. Are there liquid pigments that can be tried? The worst that can happen I guess is that I ruin my resin into my resin tray. Any idea would be very appreciated :slight_smile:


MakerJuice has a set of Pigments that go with their resins, so you can mix your own colors. I don’t know how well they work, and this is definitely not an officially supported Formlabs suggestion.

I have had good luck using the Writ Dye in IPA method discussed in this forum thread to give parts a translucent color.

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@Michael_Curry great thanks for the hint! I will try both!

@MarcusKnorr I have used the MJ pigments and they work amazingly well. A little bit goes a LONG way, with only a toothpick tip drop coloring the entire vat. I got red, yellow, blue, and can mix any color under the rainbow. I suggest using FL Clear as your base.

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@Annino This is awsome! do you also have experience to get the formlabs White resin even more white with the white pigment? That’s what I am hoping will work similarly.

I have not tried white, just the colors I listed above. The one thing with colors is that you need to commit to using one frequently - you sacrifice a resin tray for that color since clean up is so messy, and getting the pigment out of every nook and cranny is time consuming to say the least.

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