Resin with Makerjuice Dye Results

So i saw a few people have been interested and maybe a tad scared to try dyes so i thought i would share my results. I purchased some makerjuice resin pigment from in ontario. This is a picture of the green pigment as it came, and in the middle is a small straw with a dab of the pigment on the top.

I simply stuck that straw into a resin tank with clear already in it. moved it around a bit but let the form2 arm do most of the stirring. This is the result, the fidget was printed with normal clear and the bearing was printed with the same clear after i added the pigment.


Great result!

nice! was there any issue using the remainder of the resin? wonder if the dye would sit to the bottom.

and by any chance did you attempt this with white resin? curious if the result would be similar.