Maker Juice - Open Mode - Poor Poor Results

I just wanted to save anybody else some pain if they thought using maker juice in open mode resulted in the same finished product as using Formlabs resin. Yes it was appealing at half the cost and if run as suggested people claimed great results. So I ordered a half liter for a nice $44.

All I can say is its already in the trash after 2 print attempts. I use primarily white and black standard resins. I own a Form2. Instructions are simple. Switch to open mode set Preform to Form 2 Black V2 resin, load up 100ml and you’ll get great results. blahahahahahaaaaaaaa

1st thing I noticed is the dye completely falls out of suspension by the end of the print and you have a tray full of very clear clear and black nicely separated and laying on the bottom of the tank.

Then I pulled the part, washed it, cured it and I noticed it was transparent black…shiny and transparent…

Then I tried sanding and buffing the support marks…blahahahahaha again.

After that I took a close look and didnt bother measuring…it was so out of square visually I just tossed it in the garbage, Unusable!

After futzing with supports I figured I’d give it another try and the result was the same.

So if you are thinking about trying Maker Juice my advice is not too. The only real benefit I have found is that it is so watery thin and the dye separates so easily that I was able to totally clean out the tank in about 5 minute to new pristine condition that I will be able to use it with some formlabs resin.

So while the price is super impressive I just ordered new formlabs resin and put my work on hold until its here so I can get good reliable and repeatable prints.

Just my 2 cents for anyone interested. Have a great day!

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Yeah the stuff preformed terribly when I used it in my Peopoly Moai. I was gonna give it a go with my Form 2 since I have a bunch unused and read some people on here who had good results. Your problems sound identical to the ones I had with my Moai. Also noticed a loss of detail using it and lots of pulling around supports.

Yeah, I haven’t found any third-party resins that do as well as the Formlabs resins. Mostly it seems like all the other resins cure much faster and there’s not any of the Formlabs resin presets that work well enough for that.

I have found some success by mixing maker juice with FormLabs clear 1/2&1/2 . The prints are dimensionally better and the small details show up better. This saves me some money, I recently made a bunch of fidget spinners and they turned out quite well, the color is definitely muted and different. Also, it is important to shake the resin in the bottle well before using, and I also don’t let the resin sit in the tank after making a print. I filter the resin back into the source bottle to keep the color from building up at the bottom of the tank. A little bit of a hassle but worth it to me to save a few dollars on cheap prints like fidget spinners.

Mike A

I had horrible prints with Makerjuice as well.