Makerjuice resin


Was over on r/3dprinting and saw that maker juice has a new resin out - might be worth a look!

Sorry mods if this isn’t allowed, just delete me :wink:

Thanks to Jonathan who help making this resin available !

I don’t know if Jonathan are on this forum, but if yes : is it possible to see a side by side comparaison of the makerjuice grey and formlabs grey resin ? ( same model, to see if it’s not overcuring too much )

Also, Is it possible to know if the pdms is not damaged too quickly ( like the madesolid does )

Hey @Gilles-alexandre deschaud,

Here’s a side-by-side comparison of Marvin printed in Formlabs Grey and the new Makerjuice SubSF. The photo is crappy, sorry about that.

In order, from left to right you see:

  • Formlabs Grey
  • Makerjuice SubSF Grey
  • Makerjuice SubSF Green
  • Custom Makerjuice SubSF Yoshi Green - this is a variant I’ve been experimenting with. Same resin base, just different mixes of pigment.

All of these were printed at 100 microns. After printing Marvin 10 or so times I don’t see any PDMS clouding from the Makerjuice. Granted, I’ve been moving the placement every time, just to ensure a longer vat lifespan. Some of my Madesolid prints, though, caused cloudiness on the very first run.

Quick followup, I noticed that the Formlabs grey print of Marvin appeared a bit green. After further investigation it seems the IPA I cleaned it in greened it, due to previously cleaning a green print in the same bath.

This happened post-print, though, and so no detail is affected and the amount of curing is the same.

Here’s an edited photo that more accurately represents the actual Formlabs grey color.

Thanks a lot Jonathan. The MakerJuice resin looks really promising !! Is it me or the makerjuice looks even sharper than the formlabs resin ?

I’ll certainly give a try.

The Makerjuice resin appears sharper as it’s more opaque and shows the details better. The translucency in the Formlabs resin makes it seem a bit softer. In my tests so far they’ve been very comparable, detail wise.

The details appear better whit the yoshi green, no?

Any information about castable resin by MakerJuice?

@Barthélemy Dunan

The details are darn-near identical on each of the four prints. Examined under a light they’re very close. The opacity of the Makerjuice resin helps the details show up better, though.

No news yet on a castable MakerJuice resin, although I’ve been working on coordinating some testing for one between myself, Makerjuice, and a local jeweler.

Good news for all of us!

Thank you

Can you comment on the viscosity of the Makerjuice resin?

@Teck Wee Tan,

This is based purely on observation, but I’d say it’s about half the viscosity of Formlabs. It’s much easier to clean out of the vats when switching resins. But it’s thicker than Madesolid.

I’ve been using this for the past couple days. It’s a pretty good low-cost resin. The finished product has a bit more give/flex than the formlabs resin though, so I had to modify a few things on my models.

Also, for some reason, my last few prints skewed. I tried orienting things differently and same results. With my last bit of resin (500ml really went quick, and I have my doubts about how much was really in the bottle), I tried printing some cylinders to see if I can master the skewing. I printed some sideways on supports, some straight up and down on supports and straight up and down directly on the plate. They all turned into ovals.

I’ve attached pics, any ideas?

@Marcus, have you tried printing the same object (with same orientation) in another resin? I could be wrong, but I cannot think how the resulting oval would be due to the resin…seems more like a printer issue to me.

What’s it look like in the Formlabs clear/grey/white?

Good point. I have some gray and b9 cherry here, I can try the prints in that after cleaning the vat out. I’d hoped to use the cheaper stuff for tests, but I guess I do need to weed out the source of the issue.

@Marcus, let me know what you find out. If it is actually an issue with the Makerjuice resin I’ll pass it on to Josh. I’ve not seen anything like that in my tests, though.

Go a print going on now at home. Will check on it after work. I seriously hope it isn’t this issue and I’m out of a printer for a month

I’ve gotta try the stuff, just ordered two liters…

So looks like even with the FL gray it distorts. Busted printer I suppose :frowning:

@Marcus, sounds like you might need to adjust the XY Scaling via Help > Fine Tuning**:**

Thanks, will try that. As soon as I opened preform I got notification of a SW update, so I’ll try that right after