Pigment Tough Resin, anyone done it?

I ordered tough resin to print a functional part for a consumer product that needs to be durable and high-impact. Ideally however the part would be black. Has anyone added pigment to tough resin? The color itself is just a result of pigment no?

I’ve heard of people using makerjuice pigments in clear resin, any reason it couldn’t work here? If anyone’s done it, please share your tips/settings. (Form 2)

Try dissolving some Rit Dye into a small sample. It worked great for the clear resin. I have not had a chance to try it with the Tough. Working on changing the color of the white resin.

Did you use water or denatured alcohol? Can you post some pictures of the clear?

Do not use either. Use a very small amount of dye to start with. You can stir it up a little but let it naturally dissolve in the resin. I did a little write up… Printing with Dyed Resin

I just tried some glow in the dark powder with white resin. While the white resin turned yellow (yellow pigment) the glow in the dark particles settled to the bottom of the vat. The base glowed nicely. The part had random spots that glowed. Really cool but sort of a failure as I wanted the whole part to glow evenly.

I have a small bottle of white resin mixing with orange. One of these days I will filter out the large particles and see how it prints.