Can die be used with Tough Resin?

I’m expecting the answer is “no”, but curious if die can be used with the Tough Resin to make it… well… something other than translucent blue.

You can use dyes for Nylon to add some color to the prints, but yeah Tough is blue to begin with so there’s only so much you can do. I have used a black dye from Ryt Dyes (in the DyeMore range) on Though parts in the past, and it makes the parts a bit less translucent and much darker, albeit there’s still some blue/green going on.

Recently another user reported good results with another acrylate dye which is very concentrated and usable directly on the liquid resin :

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Awesome… thank you for the reply!

Curious, does the loss of translucency affect the completeness of curing? If UV can’t penetrate deeper into the material, does it limit curing to the outer surfaces?

I don’t think it should have any noticeable influence ont the post-curing. Still, with Tough it’s relatively easy to tell even by hand as the stiffness of the resin changes quite dramatically from green to fully cured.