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Tough 2000 Resin with Black Pigment

Hey guys,

Just FYI. I tried mixing Tough 2000 with Black Pigments from Formlabs, but it did not go well. So anyone who is thinking of mixing both, please don’t.

Does anyone have any idea to get Tough 2000 Resin to look like the Black resin?



Black paint after printing.

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For your sacrifice, you get a like.

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I’d reach out to someone on the support team and see what they suggest.

I did. No luck there. They directed me to this forum. Couldn’t find any information on it. So, I decided to try and failed badly.

“Epic Fail” :slight_smile:

Hmm, that’s disappointing to hear that they cannot even help with a simple dye product they sell.

Maybe you could try using one of the dyes people use with other UV curing resins that you see all over YouTube. One is alcohol based and I don’t quite remember what the other one is. There’s also something like the food dyes they use in professional pastry making and that should be non-toxic.

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They make a resin specifically for use with their dyes. You want to do something that’s unsupported, by definition they’re not going to support it. If they did, it wouldn’t be unsupported anymore. :slight_smile:

They didn’t say not to try, they just said they couldn’t help. “Ask our user community if anyone has a solution to your unsupported problem” is exactly what I would expect. The alternative is “don’t do that because we don’t support it”.

Could try Monocure 3D CMYK Pigment. I have not used it before but I have seen other posts in the forums of people successfully mixing it with Elastic Resin.

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Paint it

They should know their chemistry better than we do. I would expect them to say that it won’t be compatible, since I am using their resins after all.

Come on… That will be too easy isn’t it? Don’t you wish you get the final color you want come right out from the printer?

I’m not trying to be harsh. Seriously, you are in the wild west if you add pigments to tough resins. I’ve wasted 100s of dollars experimenting with it and have given up trying to modify it. It’s so unstable as it is…

I think you can safely assume that if they’d tried it they’d tell you “yes we’ve tried it and…” either “it works” or “it doesn’t work”. It’s reasonable to conclude they have no data one way or the other. They haven’t tried it, so asking the community is your best bet. Unless your expectation is that because you asked, they should run an evaluation and let you know. But that would not, IMO, be a reasonable expectation for an individual user. A high-volume user (someone with a lot of printers who buys a lot of suppliers) might get their interest, though.