Blackest Black?

Hi all,

I’m trying to print in the blackest material possible on the Form2, trying to emulated Black moulded ABS.

Currently using Black V3 and it’s a definite dark grey, just ordered some V4. But am also interested if anyone is trying achieve the blackest blacks, does the new colour kit allow for a deeper black?

Any help would be greatly received.

Post-coating, such as paint is not really an option as I’m dealing with very fine detail/texturing too.

Thanks in advance!!

Black V3 and V4 will be identical, see [Formlabs Resin Releases - Master List](this thread).

Black already had a fuckton of pigment in it, I don’t think it’ll be possible to make it blacker. As for the color kit I don’t know but I don’t think It’ll be better.

Thanks John, that was my assumption re V3-V4 but would be interested in knowing if the colour kit may help.

Very useful link to that page too! Interesting that they are changing “suppliers”, I’d have thought they would keep that in-house to protect their interests.

They probably have a somewhat proprietary mix of components in their resin, but there’s no reason for them to manufacture it themselves since the production facilities for the components as well as for the mix itself are pretty standard, they surely just have an NDA with a supplier who does this for them.

There’s no telling if it’s the supplier of the mixed resin that has changed or if it’s the supplier for a single component though.

i couldnt see any big difference between Black V3 and V4 personally

ApplyLabWorks Black resin is BLACK, as in “None Blacker” if anyone can get my reference :wink:

Does that black go to 11?

Why, yes it does…:smile:

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Interesting, thanks guys, I wasn’t aware of these 3rd party resins. So is this one noticeably blacker than the standard formabs V3/V4? Anyone got any like for like pictures?

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