Black V3 Fixed?

Hi all,

I was wondering if there’s an update regarding the V3 resins.
I’m running out of Black V2 and need a new liter of resin, but not comfortable in buying the V3 version as I’ve read a lot of negative reports in regards to cracks, needing thicker walls, being more brittle and such. I wish we could keep buying V2, as I had absolutely no problems with that.

Does anyone know if V3 is fixed? I’m seeing reports of cracked prints as late as september, so I’m not very confident in buying a new liter as it’s quite pricey.
Alternatively, does anyone know by any chance where we could still buy some V2 materials (preferably in/close to the Netherlands)?


At this time is not fixed !!!

When I questioned if ANY V2 might be still around, (maybe tucked in a corner of a warehouse somewhere) they told me no. And they were not going back to it. Doesn’t seem like they want to admit there is a bad issue with V3! BTW I have a still sealed liter of V3 for sale CHEAP!!

We’re aware of issues with Black v3 for certain geometries and are actively working towards a fix. @thekkiinngg @Intricate If you’re noticing issues on specific prints, there are a few things we can try to to get those corrected and I’m happy to help out!

So being aware of the issues, why is Black V3 still being sold? The resin isn’t exactly cheap and it sounds like V2 needs to be reintroduced until V3 is fixed. Right now us consumers don’t really have a place to go for the black resin. I understand you don’t want to go backwards and want to fix the V3 resin, but we as the costumers shouldn’t have to pay for that or be the test subjects.

I’m tight on time so decided to settle on Grey V3 and hope for the best. I’ve seen reports of Grey V3 cracking too, but not as much as the black resin, so I guess it’ll have to do.
I’m incredibly happy with my Form 2 and it’s been amazing working with it; haven’t had a single failed print yet. However I have to admit that these issues with the new resins and the unwillingness of Formlabs to go back to a more stable resin version is a bit worrying and frustrating to me. I hope this will get resolved soon.

It’s important to note that the forums aren’t necessarily a representative sample and our support team closely tracks all of the tickets associated with a given resin. This allows us to identify when certain materials are causing a disproportionate amount of issue, and Black v3 doesn’t seem to be the root of significantly more failures than other resins.

The issues we have been seeing seem to happen in specific circumstances and we have orientation tweaks that often work to correct them. I’ve done a fair bit of printing with Black v3 without being too specific with orientation and haven’t personally run into issue though that’s n = 1 and our support team tracks these things more accurately.

We’re confident that tweaks to the material profile will correct the issues users are having and are actively working towards an update. This certainly isn’t an unwillingness on our part to revert to more stable versions as reliable print outcomes is a top priority for us. Moreso, Black v3 doesn’t seem to be causing a disproportionate amount of issue, orientation tweaks are reliable in correcting most failures, and improvements to the material profile should eliminate current quirks.

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