Problem with Black Resin V3

I bought Black resin V3 one month ago.
Now i change to V3 and no print is realy working (new tank too).
If i print 60mm Figures, the body breaks and cracks.
With V2 that wasn`t a problem.
Should i sent it back and wait for V4?
BR Michael

This is a well known issue with Black V3.
Search the forum for “issue” and “Black V3” for more information.

Black V3 and V4 are identical, just look here: New Black V4 vs. V3


So V3/V4 reliability / print quality issues still haven’t been resolved?
That’s… not exactly encouraging. I’ve just used up all of my remaining V2 and have an order of V4 on its way.

We’ve also been having several different kind of issues with Black, and I have recently decided not to order any more of it. If we need Standard resins in black color we will use paint.

Has anyone used the colourbase resin with black pigment yet?

But would be nice to mix my own black colour.
Is the base material knowing standard clear?