Pigment clear resin

is it possible to pigment the clear resin with anything? One this that is missing from this company is colors, and a clear colored resin would be really nice. Would that affect the curing if lets say one mixes it with a drop of food coloring? That kind of pigment is really powerful, one drop goes a long way.

I was curious about this as well not being an optics kind of guy but I wouldnt think that the food coloring would mess a whole lot up chemically but it would pretty much mean that you cant remix the unused resin back into the bottle.

Yes, it is possible. We have been using nano pigments in with the Formlab resins, and the results have been great. I would be wary of using dyes, as most are not uv stable. Also, food coloring is water based, so I’m sure that will cause issues as well. Then you have the fact that dyes can leech out of the plastic, the IPA soak will probably intensify that.

1 drop of the nano pigments goes an extremely long way… using about 2 drops of the dispersion to 1L of resin to achieve brilliant colors.

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Nano pigments? Can you be more specific, Kevin? Where do you get these?

Nano pigments are pigments that are EXTREMELY tiny…each particle is in the range of 100-200 nanometers(.0001-.0002mm). We use them for purposes other than 3d printing, but I figured it would be worth it to try them out in the Form1+. Since the particles are so small, they didn’t interfere with printing.

If there is enough of a demand, we may consider the possibility of selling these nano pigments to the 3D printing industry.

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Here you go

get any color you want and mix it with the clear resin.

You may need to play around and print on grey instead depending on how much you add ( a tiny amount goes a looong way).

If it doesn’t cure enough, use the black resin setting, if it overcures, use the grey or clear settings.

By the way…you can also mix the pigment colors with each other get literally any color you want.


Here’s some of the blue nanopigment mixed with Formlabs white resin on top, and the clear resin on bottom.



@Monger_Designs: Thanks for the link and head’s up. What are the symptoms of over-curing?

@Kevin_Grisko: I understand the top 1/2 of the circle is white/blue, the bottom is clear/blue. What is the pigment on the globe mixed with: white or clear FormLabs resin?

This is all fascinating stuff.

The F and Globe are White Formlabs resin with blue added.

The circle piece on the bottom of the picture is blue and clear Formlabs resin. It has a step on the circle, the top half is twice the thickness as the bottom half.

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