Coloring resins and thinning for use injecting with syringes; Staining prints after printing

Hello all. I’d be very curious to hear your thoughts on ways to color the Clear or Grey resins. My first tests will be with food coloring, but wouldn’t mind a more discrete coloring process if available. Please note, this is not for use while printing, but rather injecting into internal cavities. As such, the second part of my question has to do with thinning the resin in order to better inject it with a syringe. The internal cavities can be quite thin and long. I’m thinking the resin would have to be substantially thinned in order for it to pass through the channels. Is there a way to both thin and color the resin, allowing it to UV cure once injected? For instance, dental dental appliance can be applied to braces using colored plastics injected through syringes and then cured with a UV light after application. I’d like to do something similar but DIY with the resins available.

It just popped to mind, but I’m also wondering if its possible to stain prints after the printing but before it finishes in the IPA bath. For instance, could I use coloring in the IPA bath to give a light coloring to parts? Open to ideas. Thanks in advance. will post pictures of my tests.

Problem with thinning is that most thinners are volatile (they evaporate,) causing the thinned material to shrink, or just not cure.  There are a bunch of threads on dying with RIT as well as purpose-made resin dyes.

I think the clear resin is actually going to work just fine. Mixing it with food coloring right now, getting good results. I’ve attached a photo of a protein I’m working. I’ve injected it with a pink resin and dyed a second part in a red food coloring-alcohol bath mix. I’m pretty happy with the results. After this, I’ll spray it with a clear coat finish.

Just to note, this print has a lot of stairstepping. After finding the post about Meshlab, all my prints are coming out much smoother. Now, I send all my prints through meshlab first, before I import the STL into PreForm.

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