Dyed Clear V4 Prints

Hello Everyone,

I’m making jewellery models for Vulcanised Rubber Molding. Since I got my Form 2, I have been printing models in Grey V4 resin. The prints
looked quiet dull in grey and I wanted to try out some bright colors.

So, I printed a few models in clear resin and dyed them in IPA. Here are some results.

Please suggest me how I can improve.

Link to photos;



That’s beautiful! Post a pix when you cast it.
You dyed it in IPA? With what? Never even thought about it.

Looks great! Would love to hear more about your specific dying process, concentrations, etc.

@AnnDavisStudio, in the meantime if you search the forums for “dye” and “iso” you’ll find some more information on others’ efforts, eg:

Thanks rkagerer, missed that discussion. Thought it might be an acid dye but never thought of mixing it with alcohol…fun experimental day ahead!