Fluorescence of resins

Student here, attempting to use these 3d printers for analytical applications and I was wondering if all of the resins glow under UV. I only have a sample of the clear resin, and am hoping that one or more of them don’t exhibit the fluorescence.

Both our Black v2 and DentalSG resins fluoresce less than Clear. You might give one of those a go and let us know how it works out!

If you are new to SLA 3D printing, you should know that the vast majority of SLA resins have some fluorescence (and/or phosphorescence). All resins for our printers will absorb some at 405 nm because that is the wavelength we use to cure, so the photoinitiator necessarily absorbs that wavelength (and wavelengths around it). There is also blocker, which is the fluorescence you see. Blocker is what prevents the laser from curing straight to the top of the resin tank. Pigments (such as black) provide this to some degree, but clear in particular needs a narrow-band (or at least 405 nm and shorter-wave) so that the resin is clear to visible light.

What optical properties are you looking for?


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