Optical properties of the clear resins

Hello all,
Did anybody made a study regarding the optical properties of the clear resin? Do different versions have different optical properties? I know that there is a 405 nm absorbtion band, and a blue re-emission band, but apart from that:
What is the optical refractive index, or at least the critial angle? Are the any optical anisotropy or similar effects? Does it polarize light in any axis?
If I expose it to low power UV light for a long time, how will the optical properties shift?

What is the best practice In order to polish a surface optimized for total internal reflection, and emission?

I am trying to embed some lenses into my design.

I can help out with a bit of this, but for precise applications you should run your own experiments.

The resin does not strongly absorb light with wavelengths above 405nm and does absorb light in the UV range below 405nm. The refractive index of clear V1 is around 1.5 but we haven’t thoroughly tested this.

You might be interested in our Creating Camera Lenses post which has more precise data and a few different polishing methodologies.


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