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Refractive Index of Clear resin

Anyone know what Refractive Index the clear resin comes out to after curing? I was thinking of trying to print a lenticular lens, but it will be a bit variable while I’m guessing the RI…


We haven’t done too much testing on this but it looks to be around 1.5. If you have a very precise application, we’d recommend doing some testing yourself. You’ll have to post and let us know how they come out! We had a go at making lenses a while back:

Ditto question for me. It will depend on your intended wavelength. Without going through the exercise, Im skeptical you will have good results unless your wavelength is quite long (IR) because of the inability to easily polish a lenticular or fresnel lens surface.

Hi, has anyone been able to confirm that value of n=1.5 is accurate, for the refractive index of the clear biodegradable resin. We are 3d printing lens to a set parameter in one of my labs at uni.