Thin gap merging, support branch adhering to part

I had been trying to print this letter opener design at least 7+ times, there is this thin gap area intended to fit a 9mm razor blade as the cutting edge (see attached image). I tweaked around with the gap width, from .4mm to .7mm and i can’t get it to stop merging.

The other problem i was having is that the support branch close to the part is merging to the part body. If you check out the attached .form file, there are clearly tons of space between the branch and the part.
At first i thought these problem was caused by part swelling from propyl alcohol, so i tried to just quickly rinse the part, same issue. If anyone could help with this it would be great help!

Letter openener.form (863.2 KB)

Are you printing completely vertical?

If so try tilting the part to about 30 degrees or so. This will cause the slot to be a little wider for each layer because it’s sliced at an angle.

Another thing to try on the Form 1+ is to run with a lower power material setting. Run grey with black resin for instance.

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Yes, it’s completely vertical. I just printed the part and still the same result. Your explanation makes a lot of sense though.

I will try printing with other material setting next.


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