Big Print Orientation and Advice

Hi Everyone,

I know this is a tricky one, I’m trying to print a part which only justs fits inside the FORM2, I’ve tried my rest with the orientation but I still get a little pooling around the supports which is also a mating face and difficult to sand flat.

Here is an image:

Does anyone have ideas on how I could reduce the pooling around the supports or orientation ? Is this print just too big ?

My settings are Form 2, Grey V3, 0.1 mm.

You can download the form file from here:



Id increase the amount of supports on the bottom parts (parts closet to build platform), as it is almost flat, you are pushing the bridging capabilities of the resin, higher support density should make things different.
having played around with the file, you can lean the part over, id try and lean it as much as possible.

I’d put the mating face at the top, unless the free face has a lot of detail.

I just printed this car body, it is 6-3/4" tall at the nose, so it barely fits the build height max, and the base raft actually gets clipped off a little on both ends. The car body is 8-3/4" nose to tail