Just bought a Form2!

Hey everyone,

Just bought a form 2 today! I also bought the LT tank with grey pro and normal grey resin. I hope to be able to print some really fine parts. Been reading alot on this, I am coming from a Markforged so it’ll be similar. Any tips?

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Don’t know Markforged, but here’s my tips:

Don’t use the auto-orient feature in preform, always do it yourself.

Keep your parts moving around on your build plate for each print - printing in the same spot repeatedly will wear out your resin tank faster.

Angle your parts so that at the beginning of the print the beginning face of the part is not parallel to the build plate.

You want the most important face pointing “up” in preform. (down IRL)

If your part has any sort of “cup” - closed surface at the beginning, walls the rest of the way - you will need a air-hole on the cup face to reduce the suction effect on the resin tank.

In the case of a failed print, have some paint filters on hand to filter your resin tank. Already cured resin can cause cascading failure in future prints.

Even if you are doing small parts, try printing at the lowest resolution first, you will be pleasantly surprised with the outcome without having to wait >2-4x longer.

The auto-orient can be very helpful, I use it a lot - but I also check it and orient manually if it doesn’t orient the model like I intend it to. With manual orientation, you can get all kinds of print issues that auto-orient avoids.