The part is not built on the ground

I had a printer in 8-10 months with no problems, suddenly I received a failed print. All I get in the first layer is trapped by the silicon base of the tank with nothing on the foundation of the building

Is the resin tank foggy? Have you ever changed it out for new one?

A few terminology things to help with the conversation: a “Resin Tank” is the orange vat on the bottom of the machine with the wiper and the silicone base. A “Build Platform” is the aluminum plate that gets submerged into the resin. A “Resin Cartridge” is the black jar on the backside of the machine.

It sounds like the print is getting stuck to the resin tank instead of the build platform. This is a common print failure and there are lots of reasons it can happen. Your best bet would be opening a support ticket if it is not a simple solution that can be solved on this forum.

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