The Base not adhere

I have the test with new resin,and the base not adhere in the built platform,it was in the tank.
i change the thickness of the base and noting.
please is urgent

Fine tune the platform to be closer to the tank from the printer’s settings. Also, make sure there are no particles swimming around in the resin tank from the previous failed prints.

Good luck

thanks,i try

I try again and nothing.
The platform is low 1.0 and the same problem,before a new print i filter the resin…now i try with 1.5 low…

If that fails, contact support.

Which resin are you using?

Good question. Closer isn’t always better. FL has recommended (to me) moving the platform away to improve initial base adherence with Tough…

The bottom of my tank is cloudy…is not transparen,i don´t know why…i use the print every day and twice a day.

I had the same problem with Castable - have not solved it yet

The PDMS on the bottom of the resin tanks wear out. The clear window gets cloudier as this happens. If the bottom is very cloudy, the tank needs to be replaced. If you’re printing twice a day, every day, how many days have you printed since you last replaced your resin tank?

3 moths

You’ve printed 1-2x/day for 3 months on the same resin tank? You should not be surprised it’s not working anymore. It should have stopped working long before now probably.

Replace it, you’ve worn it out…

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you are right.

Definitely need new resin tray with that much printing!

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