Test Cube

I was asked over in the KS comments to post my test cube, so I thought I’d put it here for anyone who wants to try it out. Nothing remarkable about the cube, it was designed as a simple/fast print for evaluating the capabilities of the Form1. I prefer to do a number of small, targeted prints rather than a single large all-encompassing one. [This way if one test fails, only one test fails, and not a large number of tests] In this case I was just looking for some basic dimensional accuracy with this test. The version of the cube here is slightly different than the one pictured, I added some clearance cuts on the vertice_s _of the triangle to make it easier to measure.

If there is interest, I’ll try to post some other test objects I’ve done once I get a chance to document them.  They are all still works in progress, so they are likely to be tweaked a bit to improve their results before I release them.

As for printing the cube, I tend to print it directly on the platform with the square cuts to the top and bottom [thus the support pin in the circle is vertical] If you print without support, expect see some compression on the Z axis, this is due to how the Form1 generates the first few layers. [Expect it to be around 0.5mm shorter, and will vary from machine to machine and tank to tank]



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Excellent, thanks! I will try this out tonight :). Copying over my comment from the KS page:

When you say “if you print it without support” are you simply referring to the pin inside the circle (which I guess you cut out?) rather than the automatically generated supports that PreForm makes? 
Why do you print it directly on the platform, without (I assume) any support material whatsoever? It seemed like Formlabs recommended tilting things to get the best results. 
My initial thought is that I will try it oriented as you suggest, but with some supports on the bottom… I’m not sure / a little nervous about printing directly on the platform for my second print :stuck_out_tongue: (any tips there would be appreciated, as well).
Thank you again and I will update with my results tonight or in the morning!

Hi Mark, just curious but what software did you use to do your line drawing, looks very tidy.

@Stephen: By “Without Support” I mean printing directly on the build platform, instead of using the support structure that PreForm would create for you. The purpose for printing without supports is to test the printer in specific orientations. Also for my designs [mechanical parts] I have a lot of long flat surfaces, so printing directly on the platform can be beneficial, as these types of surfaces can be hard for the printer to create, especially in the horizontal plane.  It can also save on the resin used, and shorten the print time.  By all means print with a support structure if you prefer, nothing at all wrong with that… I was just giving a heads up on the Z compression if you don’t.

@Jesse: The part and drawings were done in SolidWorks.

I had success printing the cube on my first try, here’s a shot with calipers. They actually showed 15.00 a second before :wink: although I don’t know if that’s really true. But I’m pleased!

However, when I tried printing it again, along with another part, with no support material… I just got a thin base piece and nothing else. Now I’ve tried to fish out the partially cured goop :-/ and luckily done a few successful prints since then. But, did you have to change settings somewhere to print with no supports at all?

nope, no settings changes. I’ve been printing pretty much all my test pieces with Clear/0.05.