Should print cube. Comes out as a cuboid. Any `thoughts?

Hey, I got a strange problem. I buyed a used Form 2 from an auction and tested it today. For my testprint I used a calibration cube. But the Form 2 prints a cuboid… It does have all details and only looks stretched. Does anybody seen a problem like that before? I´ve no clue whats the problem. I got the newest firmware and software.

It looks like it printed great. Are you sure you didn’t inadvertently scale the cube prior to sending the print job to the printer?

can you share the preform file for that print?

Hey, no the print should look like a normal cube
The preform file is to big for this forum here. Where should I upload it?

That’s really strange. The cube is at an angle on the build plate. If the printer was somehow scaling Z height by 2x (or X or Y for that matter) the resulting print would be trapezoidal in shape. But that’s not what the printer produced. The pictures of the printed cube look like the cube was scaled along one axis that was “normal” to one of the faces of the cube. The only way I can think of for that to happen is if the CAD file sliced by Preform was scaled that way. I don’t think I can think of a way for the printer to be at fault based on the photos of what was printed…

My recommendation - try it again, being sure to use the .FORM file shown above, and see if the outcome is repeated.

Hey i tried it again, with almost the same file. But the same problem happend. I thought of uncalibrated galvos? Could these be a problem?

Good luck Bro Form 2’s don’t work well new let alone used. Have you done the “optical test”.

Need a closup of the print, from a few different angles. After it’s removed from the supports. And a screen grab of Preform showing how the model was oriented and supported.

Hi @lecter2k,

I know this post is pretty late to the game, but if you are still having issues with your printer then please open a ticket with our Support Team and they can help you out!