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Form 2 Quality loss with each layer

I am currently printing with a Form 2. Unfortunately, some of the test prints I have done so far have a really rough surface and holes often get blocked. However, not all prints of one and the same run end up with bad quality, especially smaller parts look accurate and usually also have a smooth surface.
I have already checked the resin (in the cartridge and the tank) for contaminants or partly cured material and I have replaced the tank. But there still must be something wrong. I have run several test prints after these measures. But the test object (4 small cuboids (height: ~10 mm) with the numbers 1-5 written on them) still came out incorrect. The first few millimeters look very precise but then the cross-sectional area of the object gets wider and less accurate until it almost looks like a circle instead of a rectangle. It seems like it gets crushed, so maybe some fine tuning of the z-axis is required. But why does that not have an impact on the first layers of the print? Is there maybe another reason for these problems?

Can anyone help?

Assuming it’s not a new machine, if you have never cleaned the optics of your printer, that is probably the source of the problem.

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Thank you very much for your quick response, I will try that!

Yeah, have fun with that! Seems once you clean them once, they need to be done constantly afterwards. Awesome design!