Form2 Sample print

Hey there,

Not as such a printer problem, but this seems like the general section for it. Does anyone know where I can find the test print that Formlabs use to demonstrate the buildspace. Would be nice to have a full size one. Ideally I’m talking about the square organic cube on the right; but either would be great. Or is it something kept hidden. Check the image below;

What would you do with the organic cube? Normally anything cube like must be printed standing on it’s corner. This makes for a much smaller maximum size. But the organic cube you see was carefully crafted to have points everywhere and be self supporting. Just be sure anyone making decisions off that thing knows it is very carefully crafted so it can be printed that size. Normally a cube needs to be hollow to prevent excess peel force and on it’s point to prevent flat areas that can’t peel.

I’d like to just have it as a print to demonstrate to other students in class the potential size possibility. Granted that generally it would be smaller as you mention because of the orientation needed to print it. I understand this is created in a way that means it can be printed straight onto the base - which is one of the reasons it would be great to try out. That’s why I’m keeping an eye out for the original file as it was built to work straight off with the form. So it is a special case print such as a few others like the eiffel tower


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